Designer Italian, German and Portuguese furniture brands finally available in South Korea!

What we offer

We offer original furniture from the following Italian, German and Portuguese brands:

In addition to designer furniture, we also offer interior design services.

How it Works

We are guessing you have already done your research and realized that furniture in Korea is either extremely expensive, of poor quality, or both… You might have found also some fakes on display in name-brand stores (the tag “Made in Italy” is quite sticky in Korea…)

Whether your plan is to stay in Korea forever, or if you are here for just a short time, life is too short not to surround yourself with great furniture, right?

What’s the solution?

Contact Mirage Design. We are a certified retailer based in Warsaw, Poland who sell nothing but authentic, top-quality European furniture, lovingly crafted in Italy, Germany and Portugal.

“But won’t it be expensive?” you ask. Fear not! We charge fair European prices + customs and shipping fees, and it will still be much cheaper and more trustworthy than buying from a Korean vendor.

We’ll take care of the whole process so that you’re only left with the difficult decision of picking the perfect couch/table/bed/mirror to match your drapes and signing for the delivery at your apartment in Korea! It couldn’t be easier.

Contact us to schedule a meeting in our showroom in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

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About Us

Mirage Design Ltd. – official retailer of top Italian, German and Portuguese furniture brands.


Founded in 2003 and based in Warsaw, Poland.


Successful in designing and equipping homes of hundreds of demanding clients in Central-Eastern Europe.


Currently extending services to South Korea.

KakaoTalk: miragedesign